What is So Exciting about Video Poker

Anyone who enjoys casino game play finds it hard to actually say what their favourite games are. This is especially true if they happen to participate in the large variety of games that are usually offered at this type of gaming venue. One of the most enjoyable games for many is video poker.

What makes video poker so exciting is that it is a mix of a slot game and the evergreen game of poker. Just as there are various versions of poker, the same is also true for video poker. For example, there is three card stud and Texas hold’em.

What makes this game so inviting for some is that they don’t have to compete against other players in the game like they do at the table games or live casino poker. They feel less intimidated playing against the machine itself. Players of video poker are still required to put some thought into their game which is not in as much demand when playing the regular slots.

Players have to decide which cards they want to hold onto when placing bets on a spin. This is where they get to develop their skill set. There are also opportunities for betting ranges, so this makes video poker just as lucrative as standard poker games.

Some of those who play this version of poker say that they don’t feel rushed when having to make their decisions, and they are able to focus better on the game. They don’t have to worry about bluffs by other players or becoming upset when other players make stupid moves. They like the fact that they are playing an isolated version of poker with no distractions.

Many poker players who have become successful at the various games of poker started out getting familiar with the game by playing video poker. Even those who are avid table poker players like to, on some occasions, return to the video poker.

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